Collection and disposal of "cross-over" waste electrical equipment

The project creates a knowledge base for the handling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that falls under the open scope of the ElektroG. A more precise definition of these products, which are referred to ad interim as "cross-over" WEEEs, will be developed, followed by a description of the typical areas of application. In addition, an overview of the current and future quantities placed on the market in Germany is provided. In addition, the composition and properties of such products will be analysed and the influence on existing disposal systems will be examined. This information forms the basis for closing information deficits of manufacturers, users and waste management companies as well as of stakeholders. The project investigates the challenges and possibilities for a proper and environmen-tally sound collection and high-quality recycling of all components of future "cross-over" WEEEs. Furthermore, proposals for the reduction of losses of resource-relevant raw materials will be developed. On this basis, recommendations for action will be developed for the realisation of an optimised collection and utilisation of cross-over WEEEs. This information will be summarised in the form of guidelines for consumers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers of cross-over products.