Circular economy and industrial transformation

Under this Framework contract, Oeko-Institut together with partners from PlanMiljø, IDEA Consult and IEEP will provide expert services to assist the European Environment Agency’s (EEA)
activities with special focus on ‘Circular economy and industrial transformation’ which includes:

  • Supporting the implementation of the EU policies related to circular economy and industrial transformation;
  • Compiling, checking and disseminating environmental data and information officially reported by countries or available from other stakeholders to support EU Member States, other EEA member countries and the European Commission;
  • Tracking of progress towards the achievement of short- und long-term targets as defined in the relevant European and international policies including the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Evaluating established policies and legislation in terms of the topics circular economy and industrial transformation;
  • Undertaking assessments of the driving forces and sectors causing pressures and adverse impacts with regard to circular economy and industrial transformation;
  • Exploring the transitional processes required in different economic sectors in order to move forward to a circular economy and achieve the goals defined in the EU Environment Action Programme (EAP) as well as the EU Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)