Advisory opinion on the EU-Stresstest results of the nuclear power plants Fessenheim and Beznau

As a response to the reactor accident of March 11, 2011 at the japanese Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, several safety evaluations have taken place on a national and international level. In Germany, a plant-specific safety review has been performed on behalf of the Reactor Safety Commission (RSK). Several federal states set up additional expert commissions. At the European level, the so called EU-Stresstest has been performed. All of these safety evaluations were performed with different methodologies and evaluation standards. Thus, their results are not immediatly comparable. Nevertheless, an evaluation of the different findings are worthwile. For Baden-Württemberg the nuclear power plants Fessenheim in France and Beznau in Swizerland are of paramount importance due to their close proximity to the national borders. The results of the European Stresstest with respect to these plants is analysed on the basis of the methodology used in the german safety review of the RSK. Further safety relevant weaknesses are identified.