Advise and support the Alliance Secretariat in the implementation of corporate due diligence, in particular the further development of the environmental strategy

This project encompasses the provision of consulting services to the alliance secretariat in the Textile Alliance on the integration of ecological risks into the due diligence requirements in the review process. In this context, risk-related factsheets were created for this purpose, explaining the risks in more detail, providing information on risk analysis and prioritisation, and recommending suitable measures. The factsheets were first presented to the member companies and then discussed in an interactive workshop with the auditors in the review process. After completion of the review process in 2021, a strategy workshop is planned for further integration and institutionalisation of environment-related issues in the Textile Alliance.

In addition, further advisory services are provided in the context of this project, such as conducting a workshop on the topic of ecological risks and purchasing practices in textile companies or an evaluation of various tools for determining greenhouse gases from companies in the textile sector.