The Oeko-Institut’s researchers work on more than 350 national and international projects a year, focusing on Chemicals Management and Technology Assessment, Energy and Climate, Emission and Ambient Pollution Control, Radiation Protection, Agriculture and Biodiversity, Sustainable Consumption, Mobility, Resource Management and Industry, Nuclear Engineering and Facility Safety, and Law, Policy and Governance.

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Nuclear Cultural Heritage approaches and methods and their applicability in the context of the site selection procedure (NuCultAge)

Project manager: Mbah, M. | Noka, V.
Start of project: 03 / 2023

Funding agency: Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Disposal (BASE)

The NuCultAge project is dedicated to the question of how a nuclear cultural heritage can contribute to the preservation of knowledge about the risk…

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Planning transition through the transdisciplinary integration of regional and socio-cultural factors in the development of local energy transition measures

Project manager: Mbah, M. | Kelly, R.
Project staff:  Wingenbach, M. | Vogel, M. | Krieger, S. | Bauknecht, D.
Start of project: 02 / 2023

Project duration: February 2023 until January 2026

Funded by BMWK

Project partners:

Öko-Institut e.V. (coordination of consortium)

ILS Research gGmbH

IKEM – Institut für Klimaschutz, Energie und Mobilität e.V.



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Wissenschaftliche Begleitung zur Ausgestaltung des Zertifizierungsrahmens für Kohlenstoffbindungen in der EU

Project manager: Böttcher, H. | Siemons, A.
Start of project: 11 / 2022

Scientific support for the design of an EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework

On 30 November 2022, the Commission proposed an EU carbon removal certification framework (CRCF). The proposal includes criteria for the certification of…

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To publication "Commission Proposal for an EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework" To publication "Certification of Carbon Dioxide Removals" To publication "Short Typology of Carbon Dioxide Removals"

Co-designing Holistic Forest-based Policy Pathways for Climate Change Mitigation

Project manager: Böttcher, H.
Start of project: 09 / 2022

Inventory of environmental claims: B2B and organization-level communication

Project manager: Graulich, K.
End of project: 12 / 2022

With a focus on business-to-business (B2B), the study provides a better understanding of the use of product and company-related environmental claims in Europe. In addition, the study identifies the proportion of misleading…

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Short Research Study on Deep Sea Mining Commodities

Project manager: Manhart, A.
End of project: 09 / 2022

Currently, mining of mineral commodities is almost exclusively conducted on land. Nevertheless, deposits in the deep sea are increasingly moving into the focus of mining companies and raw material analysts. These deposits are mostly…

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Optimised Integration of Thermal Aquifer Storage in District Heating Systems (OptInAquiFer)

Project manager: Köhler, B. | Ganal, I.
Project staff:  Wingenbach, M. | Timpe, C.
Start of project: 07 / 2022

The research project "Optimised Integration of Thermal Aquifer Storage in District Heating Systems" (OptInAquiFer) focuses on researching the contribution of aquifer storage for large district heating networks in the course of the…

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Write a Guidance Note / Briefing - Developing an Ambitious European-wide Solar Mandate

Project manager: Ritter, D.
End of project: 09 / 2022

The provision of work on the research project entitled: Carbon Contracts for Difference for RFNBOs in shipping and aviation

Project manager: Cames, M.
End of project: 09 / 2022

PtX Hub: Business Opportunity Analyser

Project manager: Haller, M.
Start of project: 06 / 2022

ISGAN Working Group 7

Project manager: Bauknecht, D.
Start of project: 06 / 2022

Life cycle assesment of the developed recycling process chains

Project manager: Buchert, M.
Start of project: 06 / 2022

Social nature - practical perspectives and integrated policy modules

Project manager: Wolff, F.
Start of project: 05 / 2022

The project pursues two parallel goals: On the one hand, practical cooperation between actors from the nature conservation and social sectors is to be further developed and strengthened. Existing networks are to be used for this…

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Study on streamlining chemicals data flows

Project manager: Moch, K.
End of project: 05 / 2023

The study aims to support the Commission in the preparation of a legislative proposal by identifying options to (i) streamline chemicals related data flows and increase data interoperability, dissemination and re-use, (ii) improve the…

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Circular Economy in Southeast Asia: Promoting climate-friendly and resource-efficient products and services

Project manager: Prakash, S.
Start of project: 05 / 2022

The overall objective of Oeko-Institut's project activities in Southeast Asia is to help promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. This is achieved by…

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EU dilligence portal

Start of project: 05 / 2022

Empty Nest - New Start? Ways to housing efficiency in old age

Project manager: Fischer, C.
End of project: 12 / 2022

For decades, living space in Germany has been increasing - overall and per person. This leads to the consumption of space, heating energy and resources.

One target group for space-saving living is older people, especially in…

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Technical support for the UNFCCC work programmes under Article 6.2 and Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement

Project manager: Schneider, L.
Start of project: 05 / 2022

Study on "The COP27 Climate Change Conference Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt"

Project manager: Moosmann, L.
End of project: 10 / 2022

Organic study: Implementation of sustainable catering in the guest and educational houses of the Archdiocese of Freiburg

Project manager: Teufel, J.
Start of project: 05 / 2022

The study develops a concept for the implementation of sustainable catering in the educational and guest houses of the Archdiocese of Freiburg. The project furthermore seeks to put greater focus on high-quality catering for staff and…

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