Memberships & Networks

Our staff serve on numerous committees and advisory boards. In doing so, Oeko-Institut can pass on its experience gathered in conducting studies, reports and practical projects. Networks involving research partners and organizations in relevant fields provide further forums for a continuous exchange of knowledge.

Oeko-Institut in Ecornet

For example, Oeko-Institut has been a member of Ecornet (Ecological Research Network) – the network of non-university, non-profit German research institutes focusing on environmental and sustainability research – since 2012. The joint mission of the Ecornet institutes is to create a scientific foundation for the societal transformation towards sustainability. The eight institutes conduct applied research across the borders of scientific disciplines on ways to achieve a post-fossil and post-nuclear society.

The Legacy for the Future Foundation

In 2000 Oeko-Institut established the Legacy for the Future Foundation (Stiftung Zukunftserbe). The Foundation views itself as one of the pioneers of future-oriented solutions in the field of environmental protection and sustainable, future-compatible development. It promotes research projects on, for example, climate protection, resource conservation, sustainable consumption and the risks associated with nuclear technologies. Further information can be found on the website of the Legacy for the Future Foundation.

Below is a selection of commissions, committees and advisory councils in which Oeko-Institut is represented: