Sustainable Enterprises

As enterprises work within complex international supply chains, sell in global markets or compete for raw materials, customers and know-how, they are increasingly judged by aspects of their ecological and social performance.

Society has rising expectations in relation to sustainable development. This poses risks but also offers companies opportunities. Customers, investors and statutory regulations demand and reward better ecological and social performance. To be perceived as socially responsible is a competitive factor and drives business and market development.

For many years, the Oeko-Institut – Institute for Applied Ecology has been working successfully with companies on issues of sustainability management, development of sustainable products and technologies, and environmental and sustainability-related communication.

We challenge and support enterprises in integrating sustainable development into their corporate strategy, implementing it in their operational management, and ensuring appropriate involvement of the most significant stakeholder groups. We also help enterprises to develop strategies for setting up discussions with their stakeholders and for credible communication of their corporate social and ecological commitment.

Research priorities

Identification and analysis of social and ecological challenges (issue monitoring),
Identification of the stakeholder groups relevant to enterprises and the concerns of these groups, and strategic support for stakeholder management,
Implementation of stakeholder workshops on themes of strategic importance,
Development of sustainable corporate and product strategies (scenarios, business cases),
Consultancy on sustainable organizational design (structural organization and management systems, supply chain management),
Assessment of products and product portfolios, making use of life-cycle assessment, eco-efficiency analysis, life-cycle costing and
Product Sustainability Assessment (PROSA),
Development of indicators for the assessment of corporate sustainability (benchmarking),
Consultancy and support in the preparation of environmental and sustainability reports.
Sustainable products and product portfolios
REACH: Implementation aids for companies
Supply Chain Management
Public Private Partnership
Sustainability communication
Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainable strategy development in companies
Finance and environment