Asse II: A transparent radioactive waste repository

Expert consultancy of the German Federal Office for the Environment on Asse II

Experts at Oeko-Institut are playing an active role in answering geological, technical and radiation protection questions about the operation and closure of Asse II. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment the institute is independently examining the operator’s documents, developing suggestions for optimising plans and clarifying questions about the proceedings. Its researchers are showing where there is a need for correction in specific cases and are carrying out radioecological calculations to estimate the potential dose of radiation for the public.

Key subjects are, for example, the identification and planning for the closure option selected, precautions against hazards arising from operation, and emergency planning in case of uncontrollable influx of water.

More information on the evaluation of the closure options can be found here:

Commentary on the draft report of the German FORP: “Comparison of options: Step 1 – Expert evaluation of closure options for the Asse nuclear waste repository” Status 25.11.2009 (AP A7), Darmstadt 07.12.2009 [in German]

Commentary of feasibility studies on the closure options “Retrieval of the low-active waste” “Internal relocation” and “Complete backfilling” for Asse II in view of the applicability of the FORP’s evaluation criteria (AP A7), Darmstadt 23.11.2009 [in German]