Asse II: A transparent radioactive waste repository

Background information on the advisory process

Members of the Asse II advisory group are the District Administrator and representatives of the district council, mayors of the communities involved including the city of Wolfenbüttel and representatives of citizens' action groups and environmental associations. These regional representatives have appointed independent experts to support the group in order to improve the level of scientific knowledge within it.

Furthermore, the operator, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment are represented in the advisory group. Other institutions – including Oeko-Institut – are providing coordinating support and advice. Our task is to document and evaluate the process, to point out important developments, and make expertise available for the public participation.

The constituent meeting of the advisory group was held on 21.01.2008. An overview of the developments which led to the formation of the advisory group can be found in the report:

Final report for BMU on the closure of the research mine Asse II – 31.3.2008 [in German]

The participation of the regional public in the repository project outside of the formal rules is a first in Germany. The advisory process has accomplished a lot since it was initiated, leading to increased information, objective discussion, more transparency and a higher level of trust between the participants. An overview of what was achieved in the first year of the advisory process in 2008 can be found in the following report:

Final report for BMU on the closure procedure of the research mine Asse II – 31.12.2008 [in German]

In 2009 and 2010 the advisory group observed and commented on, among other things, the comparison of options and the selection of the option of nuclear waste retrieval. How the emergency planning and preparation for the fact collection could be further developed has also been discussed. During this time the advisory process continued to follow its objectives successfully, e.g. bundling interests, facilitating objective discussion, and promoting trust and transparency.

More information can be found in the final report:

Final report on the evaluation of the participation process in the closure of Asse II –28.02.2011 [in German]