Nuclear Engineering and Facility Safety

In our work on nuclear engineering and facility safety, we have addressed the issues surrounding nuclear and conventional facilities, technologies and applications since 1980.

Work has concentrated especially on the safety questions associated with specific facilities and the management of radioactive and chemotoxic wastes. We also generate the science needed for the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities, and for emergency planning.

We have built a wealth of methodological competence in deterministic and probabilistic safety analysis, event analysis, scenario development, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and process development and support, and in the development of standards, codes and regulations.
Further methodological expertise has been built in risk assessment and communication, in reconciling disparate stakeholder interests, and in shaping governance and participation processes.

Research priorities

Radioactive waste management (transport, interim and permanent disposal)
Decommissioning and dismantling nuclear facilities
Public Participation 
Conventional waste management
Emergency planning
Nuclear facility safety
Conventional high-risk facility safety
Risk assessment and communication
Accidents and reportable events (Fukushima - Informations about timeline and impacts)
Reviewing and refining safety specifications (especially for standards, codes and regulations)