Law, Policy and Governance

While stakeholders are not always aware of it, law, policy and governance play a crucial role in all environmental realms. They create the setting within which environmental problems are regulated and policies negotiated. The international and European levels have great import for national environmental policy. In European Union countries, many stipulations determining national rules and regulations are in fact set in Brussels.

Our key activities include advising ministries and other decision-makers and drafting proposals showing how governance instruments and laws for sustainable environmental policy can be shaped. Moreover, our scientists help to transpose EU directives and regulations into national German law. In addition to the “classic” branches of environmental law – such as emission and ambient pollution control law, waste management law and energy law – we explore market-based instruments, voluntary agreements, corporate social responsibility and public participation.

Research priorities

EU legislation
General environmental law
Sectoral environmental law (e.g. energy, climate protection)
German Environmental Code
Policy instruments and governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Public and stakeholder participation
Noise protection around Frankfurt Airport
New Infrastructure: sustainable, fair and transparent planning
Green procurement
International environmental and sustainability policy