@TECHREPORT{oei_397, ota_publtyp = {Bericht}, oei_publtyp = {Studie}, title = {Study on Rare Earths and Their Recycling}, author = {Schüler, D. and Buchert, M. and Liu, R. and Degreif, S. and Merz, C.}, year = {2011}, language = {en}, url = {https://www.oeko.de//oekodoc/1112/2011-003-en.pdf}, abstract = {The focus of this study for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament lies on the development of a European strategy for a sustainable rare earth economy. It particularly addresses the recycling, the substitution and the efficient use of rare earths and develops a strategy towards a green rare earth economy.}, keywords = {Rohstoffe und Recycling} }